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Animals First Clinic: Not Only A Name But A Philosophy

Cats, Dogs and many other small animals are welcome at Animals First and Dr. Barth’s attention to detail and love of teaching allows every pet owner to leave the clinic with a clear understanding of their pets health. We believe that simple instructions and an at home treatment plan provide owners with the needed tools to care for their pets.


Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM



Phone: 780-814-8544


After hours emergency service provided


I've been bringing my dogs to Dr. Barth for 15+ years and would recommend him and his staff to anyone needing a vet. They take the time and truly care about your animals health and well being. Kristen M
Dr. Barth and his staff at Animals First Clinic are absolutely amazing with our pets. They understand that our dogs are more than just a pet they are family and Animals First treats them as such,, Family. Tracy N
The 'front of house' staff/technicians are fantastic. They are very good at triaging & putting our pets in the correct order of need. Well done! Kim A
Every visit is pleasant with our dogs, they answer any questions we might have. I recently brought my dog in for his shots with a screaming baby and the staff offered to hold my baby OR my dog! Always knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Anonymous
We love Animals First! They have been our vet for over 10 years and have treated many of our animals. The staff is knowledgeable, caring and loving. Dr. Barth and Dr. Scott have a wealth of knowledge. Clean & professional! Highly Recommended. Eva P
Doctor Barth is never in a rush and always takes time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. He gave me strategies to use to correct my hard headed fur baby's poor behavior :) I tell everyone I know that DR. Barth and staff are amazing. Tara B
Always friendly when we go in. My dog didn't feel scared she loves Dr. Scott! Jackie N
Tara had Shadow's X-rays done in a timely manner, and Dr. Scott not only showed me the films but explained in great detail what they meant. Vanessa as usual greeted us and kept our visit well organized. Karen B
I always feel like Doctor B truly cares about my dog. Whichever one I bring he is always listening and helpful. He doesn't do anything unnecessary. I feel that he honestly cares for your pet! Kayla M
I appreciate the time the staff took to look after the kitten I brought in. They went above and beyond what was expected for what was supposed to be just a weigh - in appointment Kaila G
The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. We highly recommend this clinic. Keep up the amazing work! Erin S
I was nervous coming in, as my little guy was getting what I considered a major surgery (TPLO). Dr Barth and the nurses were absolutely fantastic and calming. They went above and beyond with describing the surgery... Christie W
Daisy was seriously injured and the technician and Dr Scott fit her in as an emergency and gave her excellent care. Excellent assessment also by the vet. Karen B
Dr. Barth has been my babies doctor since he came to Grande Prairie. I always know we will receive the best possible care. Dr Barth has the very best medicine. He is just the best. Connie S
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