Animals First Clinic provides a wide variety of services for your pet, including preventative medicine, an in house laboratory, digital and dental x-ray, and much more.

We offer three different kinds of appointments: consults, day admission or technologist appointments.

  • Consult appointments are with our veterinarians during scheduled appointment times. The veterinarian will come into the exam room and perform their exam on your pet, then discuss findings and concerns in the room with you.
  • Day admission appointments are an additional option for clients who have difficult work schedules, or for animals that may need diagnostics that can not be done within the usual appointment time. Your animal is admitted into the hospital and is well taken care of by our staff during their stay.
  • Technologist appointments are for things that do not need a veterinarian, such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, laser therapy or lab work for medication refills. A tech will bring your pet inside to perform the service, and bring them back out to you.

If you aren’t sure which appointment would be best for you, give us a call! You can speak with one of our staff members to get a plan together for your schedule so that we can get your pet the appointment that would suit them best.

Concerned about your pet being anxious for their visit? Ask us about pre-exam medications! We can send home anti-anxiety medications that will help to calm your pet down before you come into the clinic, to hopefully make their experience and yours a little less stressful.

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