Behaviour Consultations

Animals are unpredictable, and behaviour can change seemingly overnight. In many cases, behavioural changes are due to underlying medical conditions, and an exam can help to rule out unseen issues that may be causing your pet to act differently than their usual self. Something as simple as back pain can cause an animal to suddenly start hiding, show aggression, urinate/defecate in the house or go off of their food. We can only rule this out by seeing the pet.

Managing challenging behaviour in pets doesn’t always have to be a losing battle, and doesn’t always involve medications! Sometimes changing routines or things around the house is all that’s needed. Stressful events, people coming and going, construction down the road or new animals can all contribute to a pet’s anxiety level. The more anxious an animal is, the more likely they are to act out or change their behaviour. We can assure you that their behaviour isn’t out of spite!

A consult with one of our veterinarians can make this process easier, and offer new ideas or options that pet owners don’t think of at home.

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