Conventional Surgery

Surgery is a large part of what we do. Our veterinarians are well-versed in surgical practice, providing short surgical times with top quality care. Conventional surgery at Animals First includes:

  • Spays and Neuters for cats, dogs and rabbits.
  • Laceration repairs from fights, accidents or injuries
  • Mass removals
  • Exploratory surgeries
  • Eye surgeries including enucleations, cherry eye, and entropian/extropian repair

Our surgical suite has high-end monitoring equipment to ensure that your pet’s vitals are always visible, and every surgical patient is monitored closely by our staff from induction to recovery. Our surgical patients continue to be monitored until their designated home time, when they are passed off to their pet parents.

If you pet needs a surgery and you aren’t sure if we are able to provide it, give us a call! Our technologists will gladly go over surgical options with you if that is what your pet needs.

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